Keep Sydney Open Rally Highlights

Is Sydney becoming an over-regulated ghost town unable to recruit world class tourists and talent because it is no longer any fun?

Around 20,000 people took to Sydney city streets today in the rain to say they want our Premier Mike Baird and Lord Mayor Clover Moore to do something about it. #keepsydneyopen #sydney  

Karen Scott Davie of Digital Sydney Interviewed By Pete Cooper and Nicholas Searle

Karen Scott-Davie is the founding director of Digital Sydney. In 10 months Digital Sydney has become the leading independent but government supported source of information on and promotion for technology startups and digital creative startups in Sydney.

Hear about the growth in the ecosystem nationally and innovation in tech and tech enabled startups covering 80 coworking spaces and 10,000 startups as well as ‘the corporate bridge’ as enterprises start to adopt startup products and services as a new source of externalised innovation.

Karen is interviewed by Pete Cooper and Nicholas Searle in the WeCo coworking space Edgecliff.

Dan Day Kinderloop Interviewed By Nicholas Searle and Pete Cooper

Filmed at WeCo co-working space in Edgecliff Sydney.

Kinderloop, armed with a PDF and iPad, sought to find a market for their childcare-related solution.

This interview in four five minute parts covers the remarkable progress in just four months achieved by this Sydney based startup who is targeting the global child care market and getting real traction.

Part 1. In this first interview with Dan Day from Kinderloop, Nicholas Searle and Pete Cooper from the Currency Network discuss the huge childcare centre market Kinderloop has opened up with an app that turns reporting child activity into a fun way to put parents and extended family instantly ‘in the loop’ about their child’s activities at day care. In the next interviews discover how they picked up investment and a place in the exclusive StartMate accelerator.

Part 2. In this second interview with Dan Day from Kinderloop, Nicholas Searle and Pete Cooper from the Currency Network, discuss how Kinderloop started life as a name and an idea. Four months later they’re preparing to take on the mighty US day care market.

Part 3. In this third interview with Dan Day from Kinderloop, Nicholas Searle and Pete Cooper from the Currency Network discuss the experience of being inside one of Sydney’s leading startup incubators, StartMate. Disclosure: Pete Cooper is an investor in TinyBeans, a company focusing on a similar marketplace with a different product.

Paart 4. In this fourth bonus interview Dan Day from Kiinderloop goes in to more detail on their progress and plans.

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Rob Yearsley Collusion Interviewed By Pete Cooper

Collusion App is a cross platform pen based computer tablet platform which uses vector based drawing collaboration via a hardware and software tool. At conception Collusion App was the most successful project ever on Kickstarter to come out of Australia and subsequently has raised over $1m for their beta and aim to cover android and other tablet forms. The company has relocated to San Francisco from Sydney.